Educational Media at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Aaron's Awesome Adventure

Completed during my internship in the Educational Media Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, these projects are part of the institute's initiative to encourage participation from a range of visitors.

The image at the top of this page is from Aaron's Awesome Advernture,a short tale of a young lad whose eagerness for art leads him to great discoveries inside the museum. The story was the product of a short story writing contest held among high school students. The winner got her work produced into a short interactive feature, which was animated, illustrated, and in part coded in ActionScript by me. The piece continues to exist online and in the Uris Center for Education in the museum.

Below is an interactive map I created for the museum's Uris Center for Education, which hosts several school groups, families, and other young visitors. Recognizing the computer and device occupied nature of recent generations, the museum undertook the task of installing systems in the Uris Center that would offer parents the opportunity to introduce in an accessible way the collections of the museum. I animated, illustrated, and in part coded each of the animated guides, all of whom are based on specific pieces from within the near two dozen collections.

Met Museum interactive map
Met Museum interactive map