Save the Music

Save the Music Save the Music

VH1's Save the Music Foundation is a non-profit supporting music programs in New York City public schools. I learned that the foundation was accepting pitches for new programs to re-engage New York residents in their mission, and I was elated to submit a concept for this admirable cause. Thus I developed the concept for Showpin, an app that grounds music history into the present via a geocache scavenger hunt.

Participants would also find signs such as those shown on the bus shelter and phone booth in the image above, and within a finite range of that spot would be a plethora of music history that one could quite literally tap into with a smart phone. After snapping the code on the sign, users receive a Showpin (a promotional button which provides access) to listen to streamable playlists on the Showpin page with the added option to donate directly or through the purchase of merchandise.

The songs selected for the playlists are unique to each neighborhood featured, and the music chosen is created by artists from or made popular by said community, or musicians who had otherwise written a song about the neighborhood. Lastly, a viral video is proposed for YouTube. The video, seen in storyboard form in the last image, is a short campaign emphasizing the pervasive presence of music in our daily interactions.

Save the Music screen mockups
Save the Music Storyboard for advertising spot